Using the filestore

All clients intending to use the filestore must first install the Git-LFS Client and then run git lfs install

If using password authentication it is recommended that you configure the git credential storage to avoid Git-LFS asking for your password on each file
On Windows for example: git config --global credential.helper wincred


Just git clone as usual, no further action is required as Gitblit is configured to use the default Git-LFS end point {repository}/info/lfs/objects/.
If the repository uses a 3rd party Git-LFS server you will need to manually configure the correct endpoints.


After configuring the file types or paths to be tracked using git lfs track "*.bin" just add files as usual with git add command.
Tracked files can also be configured manually using the .gitattributes file.


When you remove a Git-LFS tracked file only the pointer file will be removed from your repository.
All files remain on the server to allow previous versions to be checked out.

Learn more...

See the current Git-LFS specification for further details.